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Last update: Thu Mar 7 23:15:02 MST 2019

  • FS-7 TROPS realtime

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  • ionPhs: Link | File Description

    Ionospheric excess phases and auxiliary data used for generating ionospheric profiles. Note: No differencing is applied - expect receiver clock errors on L1 and L2.

  • ionPrf: Link | File Description

    Ionospheric profiles of electron density. The accuracy is genereally about 104-105 cm-3. Caveats: Some profiles may be affected by cycle-slips.

  • igaPrf: Link | File Description

    Ionospheric profiles of electron density (Ne) derived from the aided-Abel inversion.

  • GIS: Link | File Description

    Global Ionospheric Specification (GIS) of 3D electron density maps. Providing hourly 3D global electron density distribution by assimilating radio occultation (RO) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) total electron content (TEC) by implementing a Gauss-Markov Kalman filter algorithm.

Raw GPS Data

  • trgLv0: Link | File Description

    This file contains level 0 (raw binary) data from the FORMOSAT-7 TRIG GNSS Receiver Payload.

  • opnGns: Link | File Description

    Atmospheric occultation data in a simple custom binary format. This data file contains all high rate atmospheric data sent us by the GNSS receiver on the LEO.

  • podCrx: Link | File Description

    Raw L1 and L2 pseudo-range and carrier phase tracking data in compressed RINEX 2.20 format

  • leoAtt: Link | File Description

    Attitude and rough position data from the FORMOSAT-7 spacecraft andthe GOX navigation solutions.

  • leoOrb: Link | File Description

    Precise FORMOSAT-7 spacecraft orbits. The orbit precision based on internal orbit overlap comparisons is on average less than 15 cm 3D RMS (0.15 mm/s 3D velocity).

  • scn1c2: Link | File Description

    On-board S4 amplitude scintillation index and auxiliary data