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Last update: Thu Mar 7 23:15:02 MST 2019

  • FS-7 TDPC Provisional

Provisional data release quick notice

The primary F7/C2 mission objective is to continuously and uniformly collect atmospheric and ionospheric data as the inputs to daily near-real-time weather forecasts, climate studies, and space weather research. Each F7/C2 satellite has three instruments : the primary Tri-GNSS Radio-occultation System (TGRS) payload, Ion Velocity Meter (IVM), and Radio Frequency Beacon (RFB). This data release encompasses only TGRS data and neutral atmosphere products. Ionospheric data and products will be released at a later date.

1. Product performance has been demonstrated through analysis of a large, but still limited (i.e. not necessarily globally or seasonally representative) number of independent measurements obtained from selected locations, time periods, or field campaign efforts.

2. Product analyses are sufficient for qualitative, and limited quantitative, determination of product fitness-for-purpose.

3. Documentation of product performance, testing involving product fixes, identified product performance anomalies, including recommended remediation strategies, exists.

4. Product is recommended for potential operational use (user decision) and in scientific publications after consulting product status documents.

More justification and provisional data caveats in "Provisional Data Release Memorandum"

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  • conPhs(atmPhs): Link | File Description

    Atmospheric excess phases and auxiliary data used for generating atmospheric profiles. Removal of clock errors is based on single differencing. The velocity precision of the atmPhs files is estimated to be less than 0.15 mm/sec RMS.

  • atmPrf: Link | File Description

    Atmospheric profiles of bending angle, refractivity, and dry temperature.

  • avnPrf: Link | File Description

    Temperature, pressure and moisture profiles generated from the NCEP AVN 12 hour forcast files and colocated with occultation profiles.

  • echPrf: Link | File Description

    Temperature, pressure and moisture profiles generated from the ECMWF high resolution gridded analysis and colocated with occultation profiles

  • wetPf2(wetPrf): Link | File Description

    Atmospheric profiles of refractivity, temperature and water vapor. These profiles are based on 1D variational analysis using GFS 47 level 12 hour forecast data (found in the avnPrf files).

  • bfrPrf: Link | File Description

    Contains results in BUFR format from both atmPrf and wetPrf. The refractivity profile in bfrPrf is equivalent to the one in the corresponding atmPrf file, but may differ from the one in wetPrf.

Raw GPS Data

  • trgLv0: Link | File Description

    This file contains level 0 (raw binary) data from the COSMIC-2 TRIG GNSS Receiver Payload.

  • opnGns: Link | File Description

    Atmospheric occultation data in a simple custom binary format. This data file contains all high rate atmospheric data sent us by the GNSS receiver on the LEO.

  • podCrx: Link | File Description

    Raw L1 and L2 pseudo-range and carrier phase tracking data in compressed RINEX 2.20 format

  • leoAtt: Link | File Description

    Attitude and rough position data from the COSMIC spacecraft andthe GOX navigation solutions.

  • leoOrb: Link | File Description

    Precise COSMIC spacecraft orbits. The orbit precision based on internal orbit overlap comparisons is on average less than 15 cm 3D RMS (0.15 mm/sec 3D velocity).