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  • New data type for low rate LEO orbit computation in compressed RINEX format "podCrx" is available at both TACC and CDAAC. The original data in BINEX format "podGps" and RINEX format "podObs" will be phased out. < Announce date: Feb. 4, 2012>
  • New FTP server for FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC products is available at TACC. The machine now provides the FTP service for FORMOSAT-3 post-processed and real time data access. Users can use the current user id and password with this service. Data access via http from TACC web site still remains for now. < Announce date: Apr 15, 2010>
  • New COSMIC absolute TEC arc files (podTEC) are available for days 2008.001-2009.181. Due to a bug in the code, many arcs had previously not been generated. There is no change in the data quality, but over twice as many arcs are now available.
  • Starting October 12, 2009 00:00UTC, the TACC near real-time data products will include the changes explained in COSMIC status updates from April 16, 2009 and May 12, 2009.
    In addition, future CDAAC post-processing results will include these changes starting the month of April 2009. These results will be designated with a new version number (2009.2650).
  • We are planning to implement the changes explained in COSMIC status updates from Apr. 16 and May 12 in our real time processing soon. An additional announcement will be posted prior to the transition date. The BUFR files for Dec. 2008, Jan.-Feb. 2009 obtained by processing with the implemented changes are available from the BUFR test data Web area
  • Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 July 22
  • 2009/9/3 ~ 9/4 OSSE WORKSHOP for the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Follow-on Mission.
  • The statistic of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data users
  • COSMIC PostProcessing highlevel products are available on TACC Website.
  • TACC plans to switch to processing with version 2.0 software on October 16, 2007, which should result in a slightly improved success rate of profiles that pass our quality control. We anticipate an improvement of ~ 5%. New flight software which also should increase the number of occultations that we track is presently undergoing testing at JPL.

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