On 22 July 2009, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible along a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. TACC provides the related FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data as below in order to participate the observation of this big event. During the period of July 17-27, FM1 and FM4 will operate normally. FM2 and FM3 have power problems but will turn on manually. The solar beta angles of FM5 and FM6 are not good, but FM5 and FM6 will turn on and off manually to make the observation time longer. Because the power shortage of FM2 and FM3, TBB and TIP will be off.

Information related to the predicted occultations, atmospheric and ionospheric profiles on this page is for registered users only. Please go to FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Distrubution Policy page for sign up. Click on the date in the table below to show the map of predicted, atmospheric or ionospheric occultations. Click on any occultation point in the map to plot the vertical profile of this occultation. Users can change the plot options and variables on the left panel then click on "Plot/Reset Plot" for different preview combinations.

Each day, We also provide 3 most commonly used data sets for the eclipse region ( 60°N - 30°S, 70°-200°E). Users can download the atmPrf, wetPrf and ionPrf zipped files by click on 'download' below.

For more FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data and products, look at data access and database interface on our web site. For the instruction of data download and the database interface, see Tutorial page. You are welcome to contact with us if you have any questions or comments.

Check the NASA ECLIPSE WEB SITE to get more information about the solar eclipse.

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